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The Iudica family has been on the land growing fruit and vegetables including tomatoes, pumpkins, beans, butternuts, strawberries etc for over fifty years in the Sunraysia table grape growing region of Victoria, Australia.

In the last forty years Just Grapes have specialized in professionally growing, packing and marketing world class table grapes. In this period the family has endured many industry pressures and changes but continue to ensure that their product remains domestically and globally competitive.

We endeavour to achieve market excellence and guarantee to provide our customers with a product of premium quality. Expansion and growth within the table grape industry is a major priority of Just Grapes.
Table Grapes
Quality Australian Table Grapes
Menindee Seedless
Menindee Seedless

Green seedless grapes taste absolutely beautiful

Early January to early February
Thompson Seedless
Thompson Seedless

Almost everyone is familiar with this grape's light green colour, oblong berries, and sweet, juicy flavour.

Early February to late April
Red Globe
Red Globe

Large grapes with crisp texture, large seeds and good flavour.

Mid February to Mid April
Crimson Seedless
Crimson Seedless

This red medium size grape variety has firm, crisp berries with a sweetly tart, almost spicy, flavour.

Early March to late April


Grapes are elongated, light-green, seeded, with a mild, sweet flavour with an unforgettable tang.

Early April to early May
Key Benefits
  • Ensure complete quality control of the product by dealing directly with the growers and packers Just Grapes.
  • Negotiate a better deal directly with Just Grapes.
  • SQF 2000 Haccp Quality control accredited.
Quality table grapes
grape exports
Bulk Face Pack
Styro box, more commonly used for export purposes
Quality table grapes packaging grapes
Stems Up Loose Pack
Stems Up Loose Pack Two Piece Tray (commonly used with sulphur pad for storage)
just grapes packaging grapes packaging Just Grapes
Bunch Bag Open Pack
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